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Why Goodwin Benefits Group?

Employee benefits become more complicated and more costly every year.  Employers today demand more than
just the best price.  They demand effectiveness and accountability.  Goodwin Benefits is positioned to provide the
benchmarks and measurements required to achieve corporate objectives.

We recognize that clients have many options when selecting an insurance agency, and we believe that our experience,
expertise and cost-sensitive approach to achieving results make us a clear choice for a wide variety of businesses
and individuals.

We believe that our success depends upon our ability to efficiently and effectively serve the needs of our clients. Our
staff has the talent and dedication to respond to our clients' needs in a timely and proficient manner. We deliver prompt,
effective service and handle all types of employee benefits, from core medical, dental and disability plans to life
insurance, retirement programs and other tax qualified benefits.

We focus on results. Our technical excellence in underwriting and applying insurance regulation is essential in today's
complex benefits environment. However, we are not just insurance agents. We understand that our advice must be as
practical as it is insightful. We pride ourselves on our ability to creatively and effectively meet our clients' challenges.

We emphasize value. We are sensitive to our clients' concern about insurance costs, and we believe that we are able
to provide the same or better quality service to the small and mid-sized business we serve. Rather than focusing on
potential revenue to our firm, we focus on the client’s stated objectives, communicating those objective to your
employees and helping them understand the challenges you face when deciding which benefits to offer and how
much to pay for them.

What do we do that your current broker does not?
The process we use assures

  • Analysis – you don’t know it’s not working until you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current program.
  • Strategic Planning – be proactive rather than reactive.  Plan ahead and establish financial and philosophical
    tolerances. Regularly measure your program’s  effectiveness, rather than just at renewal.
  • Risk transfer – in the regulatory arena, employers continue to share the larger burden of compliance, a trend that
    has never decreased.  Understand your obligations and identify ways to minimize compliance risk through
    establishing proper policies and relationships that transfer that risk.
  • Communication – the key to success in virtually every relationship.  Employers invest tremendous financial
    assets in programs to retain existing employees and attract new ones.  Employees will recognize the value of
    that investment only through an effective communication program that allows them to understand and
    subscribe to “real-world” expectations.
  • Objectivity - what works best for the client does not always work best for the advisor.  We are committed to
    helping our clients identify and implement programs based on their objectives.