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As the Director of Finance at Oxygen Finance Americas, I manage a number of functions, one of which is benefits. With no
real expertise in benefits, I am reliant on a great team with exceptional knowledge of the laws and processes in the ever
changing world of benefits, from insurance to retirement. Carolyn and her team at Goodwin Benefits Group (GBG)have
been exceptionally focused and helpful in assuring our team is compliant, well-covered, and utilizing the best value services.
I would recommend contacting Carolyn and her team at GBG if your company has benefits needs and requires a highly
skilled team to help establish, maintain, or expand the offerings provided to your company.

Peter Phoenix
Director Finance Operations
Oxygen Finance Americas


The Customer Service that my family has received from Anne Smith at this agency has been remarkable.  Her going the
extra mile in trying to resolve issues that we have had was exceptional.  I can’t say enough about the professionalism
she exhibited and making me feel as though we have someone looking after us. 

Sandra Michaels
Chief Operations Officer
Hearing Professional Center

Carolyn and Anne always work hard to get us the best insurance coverage for our employees.  They listen to what
we need and want, and they work with us to achieve those goals.  They are great to work with!

Donna S. Kuchar
Image Resources Group


For a very small firm, we are fortunate to be able to provide staff with insurance coverage.  Goodwin Benefits provides
support and expert resources not usually available to a small firm not generating much revenue.  Carolyn and Anne are
always available for my questions and dedicate the time our organization needs to feel secure that we are providing
the best coverage to our employees at a reasonable price affordable for a non-profit organization.  Each year,
they provide an analysis of coverage and recommendations to ensure we are protecting our staff and the organization.

Diane McClendon
Executive Director
DallasHR and The HRSouthwest Conference


One of the best decisions our company has made is to use Goodwin Benefits advisors for our Group Health Insurance
needs.  I can honestly say I do not know what we would do without Carolyn Goodwin and her staff especially now in
times when healthcare reform is at the forefront of our society.  I would highly recommend Goodwin Benefits to anyone
who needs a company to advise them of what is best for their employee’s insurance needs.  I really cannot say enough….

Carolyn and Anne
You guys probably do not hear it nearly enough, but THANK YOU for all you do.  You definitely make my job easier! 
I tell Carolyn all the time I don’t know how she does it but I am glad she does! 

Traci Jones
Office Manager
Southwest Glass, Inc


Abbott Label, Inc. has been a Goodwin Benefits Group client for over 12 years. The exceptional customer service,
going the extra mile for our employees and the diligent work to keep our premiums manageable are just a few reasons
we love working with Carolyn Goodwin and Anne Smith.  They work as if they are part of our company and make
my job much easier.

Teresa Smith
Human Resource Manager
Abbott Label, Inc


RAB, Inc. has been doing business with Goodwin Benefits for 15+ years.  As our group insurance broker, Goodwin provides
us with the expertise, integrity and professionalism that we expect.  Carolyn Goodwin is highly knowledgeable and a savior
 to us in this highly confusing and constantly changing industry.  Expect the best when you select Goodwin!

Susie Waddell
Director of Administration/Human Resources
Regional Adjustment Bureau, Inc.